The Law

Today I spent my day running around town trying to get things done to become settled here in Wisconsin. My last few stops included a court house.

I am all for law and rights and doing everything by the book however sometimes I just can’t agree. I started first with what I thought was going to be the easy task, boy was I wrong. My son wants to change his last name and I fully support him, he wants it changed before he enters his new school. The court tells me we have to live here for six months before I can ask for a name change even though this has been our family court for years. Insert first eye roll when I think about how I will have to spend some time to track down his father and have him ask for the name change and deal with the argument to come. Next I moved onto the rights being taken away, my dad-the amazing man that he is has decided that he would take over rights because in Wisconsin you can’t be a “single” parent. So then I am informed that because I have not spent my life looking for a husband as I have been being a kick ass single mom that my dad can not take the rights. I need to get MARRIED and have a step-parent adopt him. So as the tears start to come thinking well I thought I was going to have that but I lost it, I now can not protect my son away from a terrible human. What a world we live in that I can’t be a single parent by law even though I have been for years but I need to get married.

As I ask more questions they tell me they can not help me but I need to get a lawyer. For what? To pay a crap ton of money for your judge to deny it because I didn’t chose to get married to just anyone. This has caused me to become more angry with the man that told my son he would always be there for him and we would all have the same last name one day but instead he married someone else and we are here starting over again.

We are strong and I will fight until the end to protect my son because unlike some I AM NOT A SHITTY PERSON!

No matter what rough days hit you, know it will always get better!

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