Oh baby.

Oh baby- those arms, those legs and that big head.

Happiness is the only thing that comes to mind when I look at these. Snuggles and giggles. Sawyer James with ten toes and ten fingers, a cute button nose and smile that will light up a room.

Being a mom has always been my greatest joy. Being a mom is a job in its self, being a single mom comes with a whole new world of doing everything yourself. Raising children alone is something to be so proud of. You become strong and independent. You single handily raise another human to be everything you know they can be. You teach them to be good humans, to be kind to everyone, to stand their ground. Endless hours of feeding, cuddles, potty training. One day they leave and hope that you have prepared them enough for the harsh world we live in.

Some parents do the best they can but sadly it doesn’t instill in their children. Some people grow up and only think about themselves and don’t care who they hurt or what they do to another human life. That’s ok they can live their life that way, you just have to walk away- continue to be the good person you are and live your life without looking back.

Being a mom is just a part of me but it is the greatest part of me.

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