Common sense

Having a talk with my co-workers today about how some people are just not born with it. We debated on if you can learn it over time. This came from a patient coming into the office with a clear sickness- you are thinking well you work in a doctors office and you are right I do however we have masks for a reason. If you have a sickness that could be contagious put in a mask because even though it is a doctors office we are still people with families. I personally can get sick very easy. My immune system is not strong and hasn’t been for years, I am getting ready to go to California for a week long trip and would prefer not to be sick.

This conversation then went into how siblings can be so totally different. Take a look at my brother and I. He is a genius when it comes to books smarts, math, reading, spelling- he didn’t have to try hard in school, where as I graduated with a 4.0 from college I had to work my ass off. Now on the other hand- directions, streets, money, everyday life I excel in when he needs help in those areas. We are the products of our mothers and fathers weather they are around or not growing up your DNA is still them. We each have parts of them and yet we turn out completely different.

Take a look at your sister and brother are you anything alike or completely different? Can you choose one parent you are more a like then the other?

For me I am most like my dad, becoming my mother has always scared me so I work hard and overthink to where I stress out because I don’t want to be her. My brother he had a drinking problem like her- got mean like her but thankfully and maybe it was his kids that made him see it, he stopped drinking and became aware of when to stop.

In this world we hide so much of who we are and our past struggles in fear of them being held against us or judged. Why has all this become so hush hush? Is it because so many have trusted and got let down? Why should we be pushed in a corner just because others don’t want to hear it or are afraid to actually talk about it.

Everyone ignores the fact until something major happens- why wait until then? Why wait to say the words I should have helped after it’s to late?

If you don’t stand up and say I need help or stand up for your friends and help them-you will live a really lonely life. I will always help someone no matter the time of the day or how they have been in the past and sadly it’s because I know what it is like to deal with things all alone.

Like I said before I deleted a bunch of blogs and slowly when I am ready to talk more about each one I’ll bring them back. I finally brought the one back about Sawyer and while it hurt to talk about I know I need to.

I am always here for you!

Everyone have a great Monday night!

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