Vacation has started

Woke up early got everything in the car and we were off. We dropped Ares off at the boarders and of course I cried, it was like taking my child to his first sleep away camp. Ares took off to play instantly only giving me a little lick on the cheek. Airport went smooth with four kids and enough adults for them.

We landed safely and it was time to relax and let vacation mode take over. My rental car is a 2019 Ford Fusion and as I was driving tonight my dad could see the excitement I had when the brights turned on and off all by themselves. He looks at me and says don’t you dare go buy another car. I would never buy a ford but man this car had me thinking with the great gas mileage and awesome gadgets.

Settling into the house I am in love. A double story deck and huge yard that is so peaceful tonight I can hear nothing the animals of the night. Jaydee and I have the lower level that has its own kitchen and one hell of a shower. We are tucked in nicely at the top of a mountain in Fairfax. The stars and moon are amazing as I sit out on my deck writing.

Tomorrow we are headed to the beach for the day before the wedding at 5 tomorrow night on the golf course. It has become very Beste like to get married on a golf course. I am excited to spend so much time with my family and catch up on the lost time from when I have moved around.

Missing Ares is something I will struggle with this week but me being me made the longest pro con list of 3 different boarders so I know he is in a safe place.

As for now I don’t have much to write about tonight but I know as the time here goes on I’ll open up more and really explore my mind in this quiet calming place.

Goodnight world!

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