The left picture was sent to me while on vacation from my boarder. The right picture is today when I got him home.

I was so worried about leaving him this week. Guilty was more like it. I moved him across country away from his brother and dad, then my son and I were leaving on a week long trip. I worried about if he was going to sleep, eat or play. I have never been a dog mom in fact if we are honest here I have never been a dog person. Zeus came into my life first and he was sweet, friendly, amazing at cuddles. He was a pain in the ass at times, sassy and didn’t seem to hear me. When we brought Ares home for a brother for him I was overwhelmed. Another honest fact is I wanted a baby and he didn’t so we settled on Ares. I got up with him, fed them, played with them, took him to training and loved them both unconditionally.

He wasn’t a human baby but he became my baby. I worried about him, I wanted to make sure he felt loved. While this was “our” dog he didn’t seem much into them. I took care of them 95% of the time. If I became overwhelmed a few times he did take them both so I could sleep. Sadly towards the end Zeus and Ares we’re separated into our rooms across the house from each other. I missed Zeus at night more then anything but maybe it was best for Ares.

It has been hard being a dog mom let alone a single dog mom. They can at times be expensive- is there such thing as dog support? I don’t get child support from my sons dad I guess this wouldn’t be any different. Two boys with different baby daddies. I humor myself sometimes.

Well now that he is home I have settled a bit. He was amazingly taken care of. He smells amazing, no shedding as his hair was all blown out, nails trimmed and all around happy. He has been napping in my bed since getting home and the cuddles are amazing.

Out of everything that happened, Ares has been the best out of the outcome. Being a mom is hard but like I have said before it is the best part of my life!

I am off to volleyball here soon so I hope everyone is having a great week. I return to work tomorrow and so ready to get back into our summer routine!

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