Lets talk vacation!

I have a little bit of down time while my floors dry because it is Sunday and we clean on Sundays. I always have to start my week with a clean house thankfully I have some good help with me today!

Let’s start with the airport while I thought this was going to be a family plus significant others trip little did I know we would also be bring along a nanny for the kids. (Insert first eye roll) while my family has money I never thought we would be one to bring a nanny on a vacation when there was plenty of family to watch the kids at any given time. Anyways she did end up coming in handy during the wedding.

We did a lot of exploring plus a couple trips to the beach. I found the ocean freezing but I love the water so we played for many hours in the salty breeze. The sand was warm so it was nice to play and lay out for a bit. The fog and smog was what we saw a lot of while there.

The state is super expensive for anything really so I am really glad I don’t have to live there ever. On the last day I did take some time to go shopping alone in the small town near us. We explored the mountain side that our house was comfortably tucked in to.

We took a day trip into San Francisco that included a seafood restaurant by the ocean, a boat tour of the Golden Gate Bridge and my personal favorite Alcatraz! Working in a prison I have come to love and learn a lot about all different ones. Some don’t understand the life but it is my little side hobby that I enjoy along with anything WWII and Germany. Shopping was done for little gifts. I got the cutest baby onesie that said “Rejected from Alcatraz for being to cute”.

Both plane rides went really smooth with four children which I am surprised by.

One day we went over to my Aunts rented house on a channel of the ocean, of course being water you guessed it we all played in it. I was a little more freaked out because I couldn’t touch or see the bottom but as always it was fun. Jaydee played with his newest cousin Huxley building sand castles on their private beach. That night kids were put to bed and while everyone drank I sat with my aunt and laughed along. She doesn’t drink as often so I felt better knowing I couldn’t drink. The boys laughed while my dad told stories of us growing up. While some tried to get me to the casino I was good and just took us home around midnight. It was one of the best times with everyone even if it was just a small part of the family.

It was a great time and I am glad we all got together for my cousins wedding. We had a beautiful house and a wonderful time. Lots of rummy was played, which reminds me I need to brush up on my skills because my nine year old beat me a few times!

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday and enjoy time with your significant others, children and families when you can!

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