Oh where do I even begin with this human. When I met William for the first time he told me everyone called him Big Willie. I never called him that and there we quite a few fights about it because he said he liked to be called Willie and I would tell him his parents named him William and that is what I was going to call him. He eventually gave in and to this day I still only call him William.

William had this smile and laugh that could just make you melt. The smile in itself was something no one would ever forget. The biggest white teeth just grinning from ear to ear. There was not many times that I ever saw him get mad. He was a wild, crazy one that really just did not care what anyone thought of him.

Every cop knew him and knew his truck, so much so that one time he went to the bank in Westfield and parked right on top of a huge snow bank. The cop drove by and knew exactly who it was and just told him to get off the snow bank.

Now William had his way with the ladies. I am not sure if it was the smile or his smooth moves that made them fall for him. I am a tall human I stand roughly 5 foot 8 and I am almost all legs, William would tell you that was my best feature because I surely have no ass.

My mom had to have surgery during my time of meeting William and one of my favorite memories is when he got done with work; he was the elephant at a hotel resort in the town over, he came over in full costume with balloons and flowers for her. I am not sure if he was just trying to win me over or if he was just that goofy of a human.

William drove this Delta that he spray painted the windows black as his “tint”, he would drive right up to the front door of my school and pick me up after volleyball practice. He was constantly squawking like he was a pterodactyl and He would call me Salsa and with a dumb look on my face he tried to explain where it came from and to this day I still am not sure but he called me salsa for a long long time after that.

William was the one I lost my virginity to. The one that I experienced all my firsts with. When you are growing up most girls dream about how they will lose it the first time. Some wait until they are married or wait until they are in a relationship for a long time. They think there will be flowers and some magical night. I won’t say that I never dreamed of who and when that would happen for me but never did I think it would be in the middle of the day with a condom that was tactd to his wall, nor did I think his two friends would be in the same room. I remember him looking at me and asking me if I was ok because up until that point he didn’t think I was a virgin. I looked up at his big smile and knew this was the man I wanted my first time to be with. I don’t remember many details of the actual sex part but I knew from that moment on I was never going to be the same.

William after he graduated from Westfield moved to Portage and had a cute little apartment with his best friend. Many times I would escape my house and go over to his just to hang out and have someone there for me.

William had a way with me that I don’t know if I will ever find that again. Not many people can take me to a party and tell everyone how great my boobs are and brag about how amazing I was as a girlfriend. Little did I know some of those people at the parties would later on become some of the best people in my life and some of the worst.

William passed away on 12-27-09. A snowmobile and a tree took this amazing human from me. His life was cut way to short from this world. Since moving back I have spent many days with his sister. We have become so close again and picked up right where we left off. Her daughter looks so much like William and I love how our kids are growing up together. I go to see his dad as much as possible and of course talk to his ashes like he is still here with us.

I remember the first time I told him I loved him like it was yesterday. I can tell you what I was doing the first time he told me he loved me because it wasn’t the same day. He was a little slower on getting his feelings out. He saved me so much from my own home life that I never thanked him enough. We were young and mistakes were made but I will forever be grateful for him coming into my life.

I miss William each and everyday. It took me some time to stop the tears and accept that he was gone. Six days before his passing I brought my son into the world. William called me and told me how happy he was and couldn’t wait for us to get home as I lived in Florida at the time. He promised to be there when I got back and that he couldn’t wait to meet the bundle of joy. Sadly he never got to meet him but I know he would have loved him unconditionally. I sometimes picture William holding a little baby and get a little weak thinking about the dad he would have been.

Remember always tell the ones you love that you love them because you never know when it will be their last day here on earth.

Goodnight world.

2 thoughts on “William

  1. I’m so sorry to read that William passed away. I cannot begin to imagine how heartbreaking it was and still is for you. I really love the way you talk about him, it’s incredibly moving.

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