One whole year I have had my crazy puppy. When he came home I was a nervous wreck. I didn’t know how to care for a puppy. Every little thing he did had me worried. I stayed up late watching him breath. I was worried about Zeus being around him and what was going to happen when I went to work. He was so tiny and fluffy.

When we went to go look at the dogs someone else was holding him. I wanted the puppy with more tan on him but Skyler said no. Then they put this one down and he ran up to us. I picked him up and just knew he was ours for forever.

The only thing I was wrong about was him being ours. When he left he left all of us. He left a growing family and that was his choice but I wasn’t about to abandon a dog because life got hard. I sure in hell wasn’t going to give Ares to them either because who knows if she even likes dogs.

When picking a name we went through a lot. I finally text him and said what about Ares? We had Zeus so it was only natural to go with another God. He said I thought the same but wasn’t sure if you would go for it because it is the God of war. Turns out it was so fitting because we were headed for a war in our own home.

Ares is now a 85lb lovable, crazy, fluffy dog. He sheds like crazy, he snuggles up when he needs extra love and he chews his bones like they are going out of style. We run daily at the dog park and he makes friends so easy. All the neighbor kids love him and he sits when someone is walking by just to get some lovins from them.

Some days he lays in his kennel and naps. I think it’s because the bed I made for him was his dads and the sheets still smell like him and Zeus. I always wondered if dogs forget but I don’t think he ever will.

As I’m writing this we are laying in bed and he is chewing away on his bone. He got a shot this morning and came home to a treat.

Ares I love you so much. I am glad you chose us that day and have grown into the perfect dog for my family. Some days you drive me bat shit insane but you always know how to cuddle up and make it ok.

We love you ❤️

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