Me time.

Sometimes you just have to shut the world out and recharge. That is just what I needed this morning. After one left for work early this morning I went and checked on Jaydee. He was sound asleep. I had a conference call at 7am for work and after that hour long conversation I turned my phone off. I crawled back into my bed and called Ares up for some time with him.

We went back to sleep and caught up on much needed dream land for the both of us. Around ten my pre-teen boy finally woke up. We got breakfast, let Ares play out in the yard for a bit and I turned my phone back on. A couple of snapchats, Facebook notifications, a couple texts and a missed phone call. I am glad that I make enough money to have Mondays and Tuesdays off. It gives me time to spend with my family and get things in order because let’s face it a move across country wasn’t the easiest.

The one thing I am getting so excited for is fall! It has been three years since I will have a fall in Wisconsin. Sweatshirts, bonfires, fall smells in the house, fall decor and windows open with fresh air.

This month is a little hard for me. It’s when our little baby would be coming into the world. I think about how much more pregnant I would be right now. Going into the last few weeks. I know I wouldn’t want him there especially considering he can’t even reply when I send him a email about Ares. Its funny you learn so much about someone. You spend everyday together, you live together, talk about life and then one day they are gone. Nothing like they ever existed.

It’s days like these that I am most thankful for some time to myself. Some time to get a little extra sleep. Time to clean, think and heal just a little more. Going to volleyball two nights a week has helped me open up a little more to people around me. While one night a week at play at a bar and it’s clear I’m the only sober one I have been asked out by a couple of different men. While each of them get the same answer “no thank you I’m in no position to be dating right now” they all take it with grace and say maybe a later time. I smile and head home. One day the right person will come along and make me feel like he did in our first few months or really up until he left. For now it’s me time, family time and friend time.

I hope everyone has a great day and take some time for yourself!

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