It’s Friday!

I wish there was a way to turn off certain memories on Facebook.

I enjoy 95% of them but ones like these bring back joy and pain.

It’s a time when he was about the family. When he was about us.

Then I get memes that I have posted and they are good reminders and truths

I had an amazing day yesterday. Long but amazing. It was a day that has made me so happy or at least more then I have been.

Today is Friday and I have been moved to a new clinic for the day. While it is slow today I am excited to get home and do some light cleaning and maybe a little shopping. I miss having Amazon Prime but probably a good thing it was taken away. Haha I am sure someone feels that on a spiritual level.

My doctor told me yesterday I need to take walks at night to keep my circulation up so I am going to start walking more. While playing volleyball and going to the gym is ok for light work right now a walk every night will be ok to add in. Things are looking good so I was happy to hear that.

I hope everyone has a great Friday!

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