Luke Air Force Base

My afternoon did not go how I planned it to go. I got a call from my sitter that Jaydee had hit another kid because the child was asking where his dad was and he got mad that he wouldn’t stop. This made me furious. I felt bad on the inside for my son and him having to go through this at such a young age.

When I get mad I don’t always have a filter so when I received a phone call from the Luke Air Force Base it caught me off guard. I was already mad and I knew this wasn’t going to go well. The man on the other side began the conversation with “I am sorry to call you like this but….”. I stopped him and asked exactly way he was calling 8 MONTHS after I had called and asked for help. He said more incidents had happened and he remembered when I had called and was calling to see how it turned out and how I was feeling these days. I said so because other females had called about his Airman he thought 8 MONTHS later he should call and check on the incident I had called about. I was livid at this point. I took a deep breath and asked what he exactly was calling for. He said he made a mistake when he didn’t return my phone call and with the other incidents he sees that now. He said sorry again and I stopped him and said “I am really tired of people saying sorry but no action is matching with that sorry”. Calming down we began to talk. He asked me if there was anything I would like see happen. What action he could take to make things right because he doesn’t want me or anyone else thinking that the United States Air Force or any military branch doesn’t take this stuff serious and that they all are not that way. I told him that I don’t like how his Supervisor that day condoned his actions. That the men he works with condoned what he was doing and not one of them stood up and said “This, what you are doing is fucked up”. He agreed and said that he was willing to do just that. I asked him he knew that S.C was no longer even at LAFB that he was over in Korea. He said that there was still actions that could be taken. I said I find it ironic that the men are fighting for our country, that they are protecting us but they act like no morals exist. We talked about the events that had taken place and events that were taken after. I had a patient coming so I needed to end the call, he asked again if there was anything I like to see done, I said I have a patient and needed to go. He said think about it and call me on Monday. Gave me his number and said he would be waiting for my phone call. I said thank you and ended the call.

I took a step back and didn’t let me anger take over. I need to really think about this. I have nothing to lose honestly in all this. I lost everything already. While I am mad it took 8 months and other incidents to happen for the call I am thankful someone finally is stepping up in this world against wrong doings. I am going to take the weekend and think about what to say come Monday.

I don’t condone people treating others like shit. I have had just about enough of it in this world. I am tired that people won’t grow up and see that bigger picture. That no one is taking responsibility for their actions!

It is going to be a long weekend with this on my mind. Shocked is what I am still feeling that after so long someone still called. I am not sure if my friend had mentioned something there or if it truly is because of the other incidents going on. It there is one thing I am trying to help in this world is to help more people feel less hurt.

I thank the LAFB for finally stepping up and I hope more military start doing the same. I have a few friends that have been hurt within the military and no one did anything. Not saying that everyone in the military is this way but the big heads they get from it along with PTSD is not being taken seriously and I am going to try my hardest to get help and speak for the ones who were kept silent.

I hope everyone has a great Friday..I am going to go make mine a little better.


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