Happy Birthday SJ

Hey baby,

Today would be your due date. The day I would bring you into the world. Could have been sooner, could have been later but this is day the doctors told me you would have been safe and healthy to enter this world.

I tried talking to your dad and sadly he still doesn’t get it. He doesn’t want believe you were you. Those fingers and toes. That strong heartbeat and big head (clearly from him). We would have never needed him SJ. I raised one alone, I can do the same again.

I can’t make him understand and frankly I have given up. It’s not worth the pain and fight anymore to want someone to care. Maybe you are better off not coming into the world with a parent like that. I know Jaydee would have a better life without the dad he has or the one that said he would be there.

Sawyer I know who you would have been because I would have raised you to be a man.

I hope you are safe wherever you are.



Just because someone doesn’t want to admit something because they want to hide their life away that is on them. I wish I could be honest with him but I know his temper and honesty doesn’t go over well him. He just goes off before thinking so sometimes it’s best to just say have a good day and keep your honesty to yourself. Save yourself because clearly as time has proven over and over and over again people don’t change. So if they haven’t treated you well in the past with honesty don’t overthink that they will start now.

I have been a bit quiet on here and I am sorry just dealing with someone reading this that really didn’t need to.

I hope everyone has a great week.

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