Lately I have been waking up to nightmares. They seem so real and I wake up just pouring sweat. I rarely sweat but it seems like my lower back is the worst.

I had called my doctor this morning and she said it could be a side effect of a medication. I have gained 5 lbs which makes us all very happy. I have been taking all my vitamins, prenatal and other medication as directed. I am really hoping these stop because the nightmares are not fun by any means.

Yesterday was the end of one volleyball season. I’m a little glad to be done because I am exhausted. Working two jobs which one I got a raise in has been a little tiring and of course not getting in the school we chose for Jaydee has been a little added stress.

I know we can handle all this just waiting for the world to slow down a bit. A friend was in town visiting from Arizona so Jaydee went and spent the night with them. Again sadly when I said I had a surprise for him he asked if it was SC. I kind of snapped and said no he isn’t coming back. I felt bad because I know it isn’t his fault I just let out anger instead of the pain I feel for him. I hear him praying at night to bring him back and I’m afraid he is going to lost his relationship with God because his prayers won’t be heard. I mean he can’t even send him anything.

So the next weeks will be filled with back to school fun (once we find one) some vacations, cleaning, getting ready for fall and preparing to buy a house.

I hope everyone is doing great and here soon I am going to be getting into deeper subjects so I can’t wait to connect with more people ❤️

If there is anything you think I should cover or topics you would like me to talk about or anything let me know ❤️❤️

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