Know your worth babe.

It is so freeing when you make a choice and stick with it. This morning I made a choice that if a situation went one way I would walk away and never look back. It went exactly how I imagined it. While I had hoped it would go another way I knew deep down it wouldn’t.

I am happy, while I have a lot to do to get where I want to be I am on the right path.

I smile because I am so much stronger. It took a bit but I realized that my life is so much more important. I know my future is going to be great because the ones that have truly cared about me have stuck by me. Between two cross country moves, a baby, a sickness, the loss of two babies, the pain of losing my first love, standing by my side during my tough years, helped me figure out who I am- all that and they never left.

This was the best thing I came across tonight. If you want to leave I will hold the door open. I will no longer push for people to stay in my life. Clearly I don’t need them because I don’t need one sided anything anymore! I will always have the ones I need by me. The ones who check in, make plans, keep promises and most of all tell me they love me just when I need it the most.

I know my value. I know who I am. I know what a good person I am and I will not ever again try to convince someone otherwise. I am happy today. I have moved on and I feel so free. I feel like I can breath. I don’t have to wonder why my questions weren’t answered because I know why now. I don’t have to wonder why things didn’t work out because I know why now. I don’t have to be worried about upsetting someone because they weren’t worried and they walked out that door.

While last night some friends and I kind of went down the wrong path I am glad we had the talk that we all did. I’m glad it opened my eyes like I never thought possible. While looking at pictures and then telling me everything I needed to hear even though I didn’t want to hear it, I woke up feeling like 100lbs was lifted off my chest. I thought you know what I’ll give one more go around even made the pro con list but I knew the outcome.

I can’t wait to turn 30 now and start the next chapter of my life ❤️

I hope everyone has a great night because I know I sure am going to 😘

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