DIY Tuesday!

While living in Arizona he moved in with a table. It’s big and I always enjoyed it. However the dogs thought of it more of a chew toy then anything else.

I didn’t want to bring it with me but I also didn’t want to get rid of a table, sooo today I worked my butt off and redid it.

I sanded, primed and painted. I twinned the legs to cover up the chew marks.

It was a long project and still needs another coat but it was relaxing and I enjoyed doing it. It kept my mind occupied and busy for the majority of the day.

Even Ares sat with me. At times it looked like he was going down memory lane of chewing with his brother.

It’s the little things that everyone should enjoy.

I hope everyone has a great night. I am going to go relax because my energy is low.

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