Sick day

Today I am not feeling well at all. I’m sick in bed and snuggling with my pup. My son is with family so he doesn’t just have to sit around with a mom who has a fever and spending more time on the bathroom floor then anywhere else.

So I pulled together some pictures to bring my mood up a bit.

These were all times I was really happy. While I am a Bears fan I lost a bet and was taken to a Packer game with some of the best people.

Sometimes looking back on pictures when I was truly happy makes me believe I can fully get back to that place and out of the half happy I am at right now.

Sleep and fluids it about all I can take right now.

My anxiety was pretty bad today to and it’s the worst kind. The kind when I don’t know why I have it. It’s like something deep inside of me knows the reason but my mind doesn’t. I hope that no one ever makes me feel the way he did. While I say I hope part of me knows that there are people like that and it will happen again. I know if I keep pushing soon good things will come.

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy day ❤️

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