Pins that speak to me.

Sometimes you just need to unplug from the world.

Tonight I ate dinner at my new redone table with my son. We talked about his big day tomorrow in starting the 4th grade. He said he wished SC was here. I again explained that wasn’t going to happen. I feel bad I get frustrated but I know he just misses him because he only saw the good in him. I pray for my son everyday that he no longer gets hurt by grown adults. I pray that one day he will get his closure even if I never get mine. I pray that one day he does see him again, maybe when he is older just to tell him everything he tells me.

After dinner he took his shower, picked out his clothes for the first day and got tucked into bed.

Now it’s mom time. I took a shower, got some snacks and laying in bed with my pup. I have been working on other writing pieces but trying to get them right before I post them. I also booked two trips! One for Florida and one for next March to Luke Air Force Base. I am so excited for each of them!

Getting to speak at two bases and bring light to a lot of things is a stepping stone for what I am working on. I am thankful to have amazing people in my life that have helped me with each of these adventures. I am also glad to not be doing them alone! My fear of speaking to large crowds isn’t exactly where I want it to be so for now having someone by my side is just perfect.

I hope every working Person had a great Labor Day and had some time to relax.

Have a great week my favorite humans ❤️

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