Life is good.

Wow the last couple of days have been crazy busy and filled with so many different emotions.

Friday was a long day at work. Came home to hang out with my boy and get some projects done around the house that have been needing my attention.

Saturday Jaydee heading over to his grandparents house for a weekend of fun. We had planned this because I was headed to a concert for some moms night out time. I was in bed by midnight because this momma is getting old and really loves her sleep.

Sunday started my day with going to breakfast with my dad followed by football and cleaning! I always clean on Sundays, it’s just my thing. I rearranged the living again because I never seem to settle. I change it like once a month. I have started putting up fall decorations! It is my favorite time of the year. I then went to a old friends house. He has been there for me more on the last couple of years then I can thank him for. Hugging him tonight reminded me how happy I can be. I haven’t let another man touch me since S.C. Not in this way anyway. I watched him cook dinner and we talked about his remodeling. I felt so happy, safe, comfortable and stress free. I can talk to him for hours about anything. When I was in Arizona I would call him and we would talk 2-3 hours on the phone about life. We stopped talking when I was with my ex because I was respectful and didn’t talk to other men. I didn’t agree with it but I respected what he wanted even if I didn’t get the same. I feel so good to be able to have him in my life again and be my sound broad about anything. A night with him is just what I needed.

Tomorrow my dad is coming for breakfast on his way home and then Jaydee will be off to school. I’m going to continue my cleaning and see what other projects I can get into. I will take my dog for a walk and enjoy the cool weather we are getting.

Right now life is good.

Hope everyone had just as an amazing weekend as I did ❤️

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