18 years ago I was sitting in church starting the 6th grade.

On that day so many people lost a father, brother, uncle, mother, sister, aunt and friends along with family. A tragedy struck the United States and for most of us all we could do watch the horror that was happing in New York that day.

We prayed and hoped that they could save as many people as they could. No matter who you were, where you came from, what you did for work or did on your own we came together as a nation.

18 years has been a long time. As I reflect on those years since that day I am reminded of all that has been done.

I graduated the 8th grade, I graduated high school, I graduated college top of my class, I worked in the medical field and left, I worked as a nanny, in a prison and then back to the medical field. I have accepted a position with the American Red Cross. I have moved more times then needed. I got engaged and left. I had a beautiful son and became a single mom almost ten years now. I lost two babies. I loved and lost someone in a accident. I loved someone and lost them to someone else. I was in a car accident. I made friends and lost friends.

So much more has happened in these 18 years. I am thankful for all the good and remember all the lessons.

Take today and reflect on the life you have had since that September day. If you don’t like it then make it better because you have the choice and the chance to change your future.

So many gone but will never be forgotten.

Be great-Do great.

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