It’s Friday!

We made it. The week is over and my birthday week has begun.

My dad picked up my little guy for the weekend. In 5 days I am turning 30! Oh boy has it been a emotional feeling. At first I was scared to be turning 30 and not have the family I have always wanted. As it gets closer I think about how I never settled, I didn’t settle for someone who didn’t care in hurting me. 30 is going to be the start of my new chapter and it is going to be great.

Tonight I am going to pamper myself. Tomorrow early on the morning Ares is going to the boarder and I am headed to the Badger game with my best friend in the whole world. After there is a dinner planned for me with all my favorite humans. Some will be missing but a lot of them will be there. Where the night takes us after that is still to be determined.

Five more days in my 20s and I am excited for what my future holds! I am ready to buy a house but my pain in the ass ex is not telling me how my name will cleared off of a expensive truck. The are people and things I’m leaving in my 20s and never looking back!

I hope everyone has a great weekend like I am going to!

Here is to a brighter and better future 🎉🥂

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