Last weekend in my 20s.

It was an amazing day as my last weekend in my 20s, I spent it like anyone else would!

What a game watching Wisconsin kick some Michigan ass. I was really hoping for a nail biting intense game but watching Wisconsin blow ahead so fast was pretty great too. It was and experience like no other. The atmosphere all around was amazing, fun, great and just all around the best day!

Then I headed to the casino with another friend. Won, lost, won, lost the usual back and forth. After about an hour we headed to dinner where nine of some of my greatest friends were! It was delicious and so very entertaining. After we headed to my friends house where a bonfire, hot tubbing and games were held.

I couldn’t think of better day my friends had with me.

Turning 30 has not been easy for me but I am so thankful for the ones that surround me and my little family. My supporters, believers and lifers.

People come and go but the true ones see you through your worst and celebrate your best ❤️

Tomorrow continues the festivities at the lake with Ares, Jaydee and my dad. Lunch and maybe some mini golf. I know cards will be played for sure.

I hope every is having a great weekend!

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