Moving on.

I am healing in my own way. I have been working on a project for some time now and it is coming together.

This is the door that I put a hole in when I found out some truth on things. I placed a heart over the hole and painted it black. It represents the piece of heart that had trust, love and faith. It’s just a black hole now. I placed my state that is my home and a wooden frame where I will hang notes.

This door will become the headboard to my bed. It will remind me every night where I came from and where I am going. It will remind me how strong I am and how my come back is even stronger. It will become my past and remind to never look back.

It will keep my senses in check to always protect myself and my family from hurt. It will be a reminder to never ever let myself get that low again for anything.

This door will push me to achieve greatness. I already have done so much in my life since leaving behind everything.

I am the good person.

Come Wednesday the 25th my 20s will be gone and I will start into a new place. I will never allow someone again to pull so low to hate them. I promise myself to walk away from negativity and continue on with the positive. I promise myself to take of me and my children. I promise myself to not be so hard on myself over something I didn’t do.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week coming up!

Goodnight ❤️

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