Three years.

Three years ago today I went and picked up the moving truck to move across the county.

One year ago I wrote this on Facebook-

Two years ago Tiffany D. And I went and picked up our truck to pack our stuff and move across the country. I will never regret this move. I miss my best friend Belinda and family very much but in these two years I have found myself and grown so much as a person. I have become a better mother,friend and all around general person. I left during one of my roughest times in losing a best friend and second family over stupid petty drama. While I miss them this move has showed me that maybe they were supposed to just be temporary. I reached out multiple times and never heard back and to me that shows sometimes friendship can’t withstand anything. I found an amazing job and a year and half later I am still loving it (somedays 😉). I have made some pretty great friends and love playing volleyball. Jaydee has gained some amazing friends and is loving baseball. We have great people on our side especially Norma Ellinger and Ron. The people who have come into our lives like Carrie and Cassie has been a wonderful blessing! Tiffany’s family took us in and got us on our feet here and were amazing help in the transition. I love going home to visit everyone from Emily, heather, Chris and Jeff to Michelle and the Milwaukee crew. I have bonded so much with my family that our visits have become so much about love! I learned some hard lessons here also but I always got back on my feet and I am loving where Jaydee and I are today! We have also gained a big baby dog Zeus and a quiet cat Bender in this process. A couple months ago we added another puppy Ares and while they are all assholes I wouldn’t change it for anything. We have gained a pretty cool roommate who has become like a second child that I clean and cook for 😂 the best is we gained another human Skyler who has become by far the best man in Jaydees life. He is always ready and willing to help weather homework or just someone to bond with him. He came to baseball games and cheered in the 100 degree weather for Jaydee. We may have our ups and downs 😉 we love you very much!

Here is to another year in Arizona!

In that I thanked the man that I loved so much. I made a public post about how amazing he was. Not even a month later he destroyed our lives. It amazes me how much I loved someone who doesn’t give a damn about me or my son. What amazes me more is that if he would write a honest letter or make a honest phone call I know I could forgive him. I know I could feel better about my life. It is something I don’t think I will ever understand in this world is how it could be so one sided.

I made public posts and posted public pictures it should have clicked when he didn’t do those things. However when he left me it wasn’t long before she was his profile picture and he publicly announced his love for her. I was embarrassed and hurt beyond words. Soon after I became deleted or blocked on almost every social media platform. Maybe it was a way to hide things more. I will never know but one thing I will always know it no one will ever love him unconditionally like I did.

I am so ready for bed but I am glad for how far I am come in my life and how absolutely strong I am.

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