What a weekend.

This weekend I headed down to the big city to pick out a bridesmaids dress. It was amazing family time!

We started out at the shop and tried on so many dresses. I’m going with the tighter look to show of my new 30 year old body. We went to lunch and from there the girls spent much time together.

I stayed the night at my second families house and enjoyed the bonding. Waking up I went shopping at target thinking only to get one shirt and walked out with $200 worth of stuff! How does target do that? The baby tried carrots for the first time which was so exciting to be introducing solid foods. We went a walk down a cute woodsy trail walk. From there headed over to pops house and had ham and rolls like every Sunday.

Around five I took the Journey home. Jaydee is tired along with Ares but we are happy to be tucked into our beds. It is a chilly night so sweatshirt and sweatpants were nice to get into after a warm shower.

This weekend was amazing and calming. It was what I needed come a stressful Monday coming up.

Tomorrow I go in for a CT scan in hopes I am free and clear so prayers and good vibes are needed.

With it starting to be brisk out in the evenings and mornings I am excited to start my runs again.

Life is good right now.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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