Be a game changer.

The world is already full of players.

Change the game and break the cycle.

Clarity is one of the best feeling I have come to know in this month. When you find out information because let’s face it I know people all over this country you start to open your eyes to what the future is really going to hold.

When you are born with the ability to understand the truth to look beyond what is in front of you no matter how much time it takes your world changes. When you start to look at actions and not just take the words everything you thought you knew comes smacking you in the face. You see every lie that was told but brushed it off, you see every manipulation, you see every action will finally have its consequences. You will see that their is something wrong with them because normal people don’t go around destroying others.

Be the better person. Be the person who silently says I told you so but is there to pick it all up. Be the strong person and let people fail and learn. Be the person everyone wants to be.

I am a advocate and I will help others speak their truth even when I don’t speak mine!

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