Day 2

Today was a good day. I had my nephews over in the morning and then headed out to my sons godparents house. They got him a Venus fly trap. They are crazy cool.

This weekend we are going ice fishing and I am so excited to be out there I the cool weather doing what I love.

My mind raced today and made me sad at points. I cried, felt overwhelmed and sick to my stomach. I hoping each day comes along a little easier then the last.

My heart is broken and I really feel it. I’m trying to put all my pieces back but it’s hard when doing it alone.

Today marks ten years since the first love of my life has passed away. Ten years already, it’s crazy to think about all that has happened since I got that phone call. All the joys, pain, moments of happiness, heartbreaks, abuse, love and earth shattering hurt I survived. I have survived ten years without you and I miss you so much. I was so happy with him during everything he always made me smile.

I miss you William ❤️

I hope everyone has a great day- it’s almost time for a new year.

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