Days 8- now

I have been MIA. After my last post I set my page to private.

Some people just don’t learn, they don’t listen and they don’t grow up.

I will keep this page public. I won’t hide anymore. As for the person that gave birth to me, GROW UP! Sending this page to my father was wrong. You don’t learn nor do you listen. Go get help, see a therapist and I know you will see this because you can’t focus on yourself, you are to busy blaming everyone else for your life!

I have my own family to take care of. I have to focus on them and myself. I am tired and I am exhausted because I have been delt the shit end of a life with relationships with anyone but I deal with it and I take of it. I don’t need help from anyone because no one has even been there in the past they all leave!

I won’t say this again, LEAVE US ALONE until you seek help that you so much need!

As for everyone else I hope January as been great to you in starting this new year!

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