Time is flying.

We are almost past a whole month here in 2020 already.

Someone amazing visited me from Arizona and spent four days with me❤️ It was amazing. It’s like they calmed me- all my worries and stress was put on hold for those days.

Work is in full force with both jobs. Money money money is all I continue to think about.

I have moved on from my dark roots and went a little lighter. I’m a hot blonde now 😜 well for a bit before it gets changed again.

Snow has been pounding our city left and right and living in town means shoveling sidewalks- not something I enjoy much these days.

Getting things in order for our trip out west has been stressful but really I think I am just so excited that I want to move time to go a little faster. We have started planning our trip for July for my friends 30th. I’m pretty excited to get to the beach and enjoy some waves 🤗

Tonight I have my work Christmas party and while my anxiety is high I should go.

Hope everyone has a great weekend 😘

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