One year ago I was being taken out of my home on a protective order. For a week I lived away from my dogs, my bed, my stuff and slept in a bed with my son. In that time so I assume because I will never know the person I loved got married. Now knowing that he wore the same thing to our court hearing as he did his wedding. One year and life has changed so much.

I went to go get braces today only to find out that I still have half a wisdom tooth in my mouth- I am no longer shocked when stuff like this happens. I laugh, why you ask because I had a five hour surgery to remove ALL my wisdom teeth. It scared me for life because it was the worst surgery I have ever dealt with and I had my neck cut open, the wisdom teeth was still the worst. After seeing the cost of braces and me already knowing I have pretty straight teeth I have decided to not get braces at this time and instead use the money to get my eyes done. Getting my eyes done will save me money in the long run between contacts and glasses.

I have been non stop thinking about what to do with a situation. Pro and con lists have filled my bed. I’m kinda great at them. However even though I keep doing them and getting the about the same answer I don’t seem satisfied with the answer.

While I thought this day would be hard for me, a year after one of the worst days ever I feel nothing. I don’t feel sad, happy, hurt or okay. I feel nothing, I’m blank inside. My mind is empty and I think I’m going to just take a nap.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday. ❤️

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