I’m all over the place these days. I can’t believe how much hate I have for one person. It literally makes me sick to see anything about them.

Today we went hiking and got out to get some fresh air. It was nice, I was hoping to clear my mind from everything going on and some of my thoughts.

I think I am doing great and then something sets me back. I’m sick of it, I’m sick of all of it. I’m sick of being the nice one, the good one that has people walk all over and use. The one that gets happy and then it’s taken away and has to watch others stay happy.

It’s funny when you hear and see things that contradict what someone actually says. Why can’t people just tell the truth or maybe they don’t even know.

I know I place it all on myself because if I would just do what is best and frankly the smart thing to do I would probably get better faster but I am having such a hard time getting there.

Trauma bond is a real thing and I think everyone should learn about it. The more I hurt the more I attach. If I could just get the damn answers I would be able to just leave.

It’s been a rough day this far but I am staying positive.

As always stay happy and healthy 🤍

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