It seems to be the longest month of my life. Since coming back from our vacation the state has put in place a stay home order. We have been cleaning, painting and doing home schooling. I have about lost my mind. I was laid off from one job and put on furlough at the clinic. My hours for furlough are almost up and will possibly be laid off there also but hoping I can pick up shifts at the hospital.

Along with that when available I have been going to look at houses to buy in the very near future. I am incredibly picky though and finding the right one in my town seems less likely to happen so you guessed it we are probably moving.

I the midst of all this happening I ask each of you to say a little prayer, send blessings anything really for our one and held year old puppy. Unfortunately he isn’t doing very well right now. I always joke that he keeps me on my toes and is a big baby but this time my fighter is just hanging on. I haven’t gotten much sleep staying up with him watching him take naps and find the breaths he needs.

Thanks to my best friend I have a treadmill and can work out throughout the day so I don’t go totally insane. I have been cooking more which is rare for me but I got so excited I got all new pots and pans and I am pretty excited for them to be delivered.

I hope everyone is staying healthy and trying to stay sane! 🤍

One thought on “Quarantine

  1. I love and miss you two so much. I am so proud of you. All I ever wanted was you to love your baby as much as I loved you. Please be safe, Thank you for making the best choice you ever did in your life, loving your baby more than anything else!!!


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