You can start over.

I was hurt by someone in the military- you never expect that because morals, integrity, hope and faith are words I think of when I picture our military.

The Fourth of July used to be my favorite day of the year. One I knew I would be with family and friends. It’s warm out, skies are blue and the air smells fresh. There are so many things I have lost because it pains me to do them. They were taken away from me but I have found ways slowly to enjoy them again.

I have said how I feel and I have stood my ground. I am growing each day. Each day it becomes easier to bare. I know now it’s not the fact I lost someone, it’s how I lost them. The feelings for them are no longer there but the hurt from it all still bares weight on me. It’s a game I longer wish to play. If they wanted to win- here’s your gold medal 🥇! I’m so proud of how far I have come. I regret a lot but most of all I regret giving my emotions, my soul, my thoughts and body to someone who didn’t deserve any of it.

Never silence yourself out of fear of losing someone because you should never have been put in a place to be silent in the first place.

So today is the start of me starting over and I will never ever go back to the way I have felt the last two years.


I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy 🤍

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