Two days.

Only two more days and I get my boys back! It has been stressful only seeing them through the phone. While I feel great we are taking no chances of passing anything on to my family.

I have gotten so much done around the house. While it has been lonely getting things done has been a big help in preparing for summer!

I love where I am at in life right now. I have heard things and seen things that make me so content with everything that happened. I have realized that while I am a single parent, it is so much better then sharing with someone who treats people like crap. I know I am better, I always have been. I was knocked down for awhile but after these last days I am feeling great!

I am so ready to get to Arizona and put that in my past. I am trying to get on here more and respond to others as much as possible, surprisingly I have been quiet busy. I am also ready to get back to work and see all my co-workers. Some are in quarantine a little longer then me because they tested positive after but more then anything I’m ready for this world to get back to normal!

Still keeping UPS and fedex in business! I have done more shopping at small businesses more then anything because they need the most help.

I hope everyone is happy and healthy 🤍

Always remember there is nothing wrong with you- it’s them because normal people don’t go around destroying others 🤍💙

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