This morning it has finally been set in stone for me to go to the base in Arizona and discuss their protocol on how they Handel phone calls from a civilian dating anyone on their military base.

It has been a battle that I have not stopped fighting for. I’m hoping this will open the doors at other bases across the country. I have agreed to keep it off social media besides my blog. We came to an agreement that for my situation I can give names if I wanted to or we could move forward for future situations to help others in.

I haven’t decided what I want to do yet and I know it will depend on how it goes and how I’m feeling in the moment.

I had given up for quite awhile to not press the issue. I think it’s because I tried to see from his side when he was trying to be friends but after the disappearance it reminded me that I was just being lied to so I kept my mouth shut. I was so wrapped up in keeping him in my life that I forgot about others this was happening to. What if they weren’t listening to them either? What if there are others out there getting used, lied to, raped, beat, abused weather physically or emotionally.

What if there are others crying in their bed at night thinking they have to be silent because they don’t want to destroy someone’s career when really they are dying inside. What if they just want the truth heard so they don’t feel like they did something wrong. What if they just need someone to listen to validate what happened or is happening is not okay.

It happens everywhere I get that but one thing I do know is if someone signs up to protect this country they shouldn’t destroy the ones in it! They should have morals, integrity, respect and responsibility. Another human is not a game for you to play with.

One thing I have thought about it words can’t be taken back once said and something so simple can burn so quick.

You make choices and at some point you have to face them and speak your truth.

Don’t ever tell someone you love them if you don’t mean it.

I hope everyone is happy and healthy 🤍

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