Burn the Bridge.

I am currently 39,991 feet in the air, going about 455 Miles per hour ground speed with about 571 miles to go. At the moment flying over Colorado and to think in 24 hours I will be in the same spot again just on the ground.

I felt like this day was never going to come. I felt like the days and nights just kept getting longer and longer. I woke up this morning in the best mood, I am hopeful and excited. I am proud of how far I have come and the drive I have to keep going.

Most of all out of everything you know what I am most excited for?

Did you guess?

Its the Jets!!

The other day I sat on my little step outside while the kids played in the yard and out of no where they stop and look up. A jet flew over our little town in Wisconsin. The look on their faces and on mine was priceless. The biggest smiles one has ever seen. I had received a text earlier that week letting me know there would be flying activity but in no way did I think they would come out as far as where my house is.

I am ready to get off this plane and feel the warmth on my skin. Soak up all the heat that I can before returning home. I am ready for the meeting, everything I have to say is typed and printed along with some other things I have printed to bring along. I never thought the pushing, the phone calls, the different people involved would finally bring us to this day.

It pays off you guys to set a end goal and to not give up until it is reached. I may not know where I stand right now when disclosing names but I do know where I stand in being a decent human.

This is a short one today because I have just about an hour left in the flight and I have some work to catch up on.

I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy.

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