Burn it.

Last night I received a book. It is a book that you write in. Some pages have questions and some pages have other things or ideas. When you complete the book- you burn it.

I am honestly pretty excited about it. You can write in there some of your deepest secrets and at the end burn and no one will know. As I go through the book I am sure I will share some of the pages here.

I have always been a open book and try not to hide anything unless needed to protect others. We were talking last night and I had opened a app and it amazed me how much I actually documented, recorded, kept dates and records of things over the last few years.

I’m going to share quiet a bit of that in the next few months in hopes that is someone is going through absolutely anything just know you are not alone.

I may not of had many during some of the hardest times in my life and the ones I did have were the ones hurting me.

Not everyone is good and not everyone has the ability to be a good human and that is something I really need to learn. I can’t wait around waiting for the good to come when it’s possible it never will.

I hope everyone is happy and healthy. 🤍

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