Did you say stress?

I got it!

Yesterday I signed the acceptance offer on my house and the closing date is next Friday. That’s right already NEXT FRIDAY! The place I live in now is rented for June 1st. That leaves exactly two days between closing and having to be out!

Everything has happened so fast and while I am so excited to finally be a home owner, I am super stressed on having to move everything into a place twice the size as where I live! I was in and out of over thirty houses each one having something the other didn’t. I didn’t want to settle because I have settled to much in my past. This specific house I was in and out of over seven times before I finally told my dad “you need to come give your opinion”. The day he walked in is the day I sent an offer. They countered and then we did again with them taking my last my offer yesterday.

I have my two story, fireplace, large office, Five bedroom, Two bathroom, two car garage home 🤍

I am so excited for this journey, for my boys to have a fenced in back yard. I’m sure Ares will really love it too now that he is finally getting better after our scare back in April.

I can’t wait to start painting in my all farmhouse theme! The next few weeks are going to be crazy hectic but will all be worth. I can’t wait to use the fireplace in the cold winter months.

I am for the most part working through the past few years. While I’ll never understand how someone can just stop talking I have come to believe it’s because deployment was over and I was no longer needed to fill time and space. Once again being used for a very long year. A check came in the mail in his name and with no way of contacting it just sits in the mail slot until it will void.

I can’t wait to set up my office and have a space to really start blogging my journey, getting more in depth about abuse and how you are not alone.

I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy 🤍

Pray for my family and the madness that is coming!

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