Day one and I really should be packing for the new house. Instead I’m at my brother in laws hanging out and building stuff. Grilling and celebrating the new house that I have worked for to provide for my little family all by myself.

I read this everyday and it has truly helped in dealing with everything.
We talk about this often when I tell my story. People look at me like how are you okay, when really most of the time I’m not.

I’m so glad I have some of the greatest people around me that tell me how proud they are of me and to remind me things get better. That not everyone is a complete horrible person, because I have come in contact with my fair share!

If you are bored check my Pinterest and all my new home ideas for my farmhouse 🤍 It’s under KelseyTricia. There are groups of what I planned for my future that no longer exist. There are groups of stuff I love and quotes of how I feel.

Over time I’ll be posting upgrades to the house. I love a good before and after 😁

I hope everyone is happy and healthy.

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