New Home

Last night we spent our first night in the new home. This place feels right. I really do feel home. This weekend we worked our butts off to get everything moved. Put up as many pictures as I could last night before I became completely exhausted.

The boys rooms are all set up and as for Ares he is having a hard time adjusting but he really does love the new fenced in backyard so much it’s hard to get him to come inside at night.

We live on a quiet street in town and it’s nice to have the river so close. When we first started moving in there was four blue eggs in a low nest this morning we work up to four newly hatched little birds. It was a good memory we will keep from when we first moved in.

I can’t believe in the last 48 hours I signed paper work and became a home owner. It is such a great feeling I found an amazing house to provide for my family. I didn’t need any man or any father of my children to help. I did all alone as I have been for a very long time.

As we enter a new week I feel very blessed and very thankful for everything.

I hope everyone is happy and healthy 🤍

More unpacking is to be done!

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