2020 has been crazy yet this year. We are half way through it already.

We are one full week into the new house and while in the world there is riots and a scary virus. A storm hit hard here and trees were uprooted. Power lines came crashing down and people’s belongings were found streets over. I was relieved to have a basement, to have protection and a safe place to be.

While the outside world is going crazy we are safe here. The boys are okay, Ares was a little shook up by it all but seems to be back to himself. The house is mostly unpacked and we are all settling into our normal routine.

This weekend is for relaxing with family. To have a little fun while living in a crazy world right now. Sometimes I feel alone raising them to the best of my ability. Sometimes I wish I had someone to come home to, to let me know things are going to be just fine.

While I have an amazing support system and feel comfort in that most of the time. I feel like something is missing. While I know I will never try again with another man after all Skyler did, I still get the lonely feeling at night. That part of my life was destroyed and it can’t be repaired at least not while I don’t have answers.

I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy but most importantly safe 🤍

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