Missing you.

Snap chat tends to get me in my feelings when the memories pop up.

I miss Zeus. He is the puppy that made me a dog mom. He is the one that imprinted on my heart. He was loving, caring, protective and the best snuggler.

He had a personality unlike any dog I have come across. He loved like you wouldn’t believe. He played with Ares and they were quiet the handful. Double trouble to say the least.

His pictures hang on my wall and I think often if he could have been saved. If I would have tried harder to keep him. If being with us would have kept him ok. He never should have been taken away from us. Skyler didn’t deserve him. He was was so stubborn to let him stay with us until he returned. My guess heaven for bid he did what was right instead of the fear of her going nuts if she found out we had him.

He was just a baby when they put him down. I tried to reason, to be there with him when they put him down if they wouldn’t let me take him. Another guess is he didn’t want to admit to anyone we still talked. Which again was just plain childish. I have asked for his blanket back and while there was a I’ll try to find it- which I knew was bullshit in itself I had a little hope it would be returned to me. Telling the truth was never easy for him.

I hope you are playing and digging up there baby boy. I wish you could have been here to see Ares and the rest of the family grow 🤍

We love you.

I hope everyone is happy and healthy!

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