Two years

Today my sweet Ares you are two. Two years you have been on this planet. The day we got you was one I keep tucked in my heart. You were so little and stole my heart from day one. You have stayed by my side through everything. You are always excited to see me. You give the best cuddles and while your hair covers everything I wouldn’t change it for the world.

While you hold some of my worst memories when I look at you, you have created some of the best.

I would be lost without you Chubbs. Our daily walks and your protection over the kids has made you the best animal to come into my life. I never wanted a dog and I say this often but you are stuck with me until the end, which I hope is many more years to come. You have turned into my best friend and while I get weird looks when I say that you have a big piece of my heart.

I am blessed and thankful that two years ago you came into this world. You are gentle with babies and play so well. You snuggle the boys in a way that is so amazing. You are quiet and calm.

Ares loves-

To sleep under the bed

Watch cars go by

Stair out the window for hours




If it was up to you when we go up north you would sleep outside every night. You have taught me be patient and learn new things with you.

If anything great came out of the horrible it would be you and the boys.

I love you Ares 🤍

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